Garrard County Kentucky's
Archelus Anderson Family Descendants
Reunion Information 

The eighth Anderson Family Reunion was held on August 4-5, 2000 in
Harrodsburg, KY. Every two years this extended family group gathers to
celebrate together. This year,cousins came from twelve states: Arizona,
California, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio,
Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and West Virginia. The Anderson cousins
claim descent from Archelus and Elizabeth Parrish Anderson who migrated to Garrard Co., Kentucky about 1807 with their seven sons, Thomas, Garland, Pouncy, Archilles, John, David and Levi. Five of the seven sons were represented by descendants at the reunion. The count is never accurate but it was estimated that there were about 200 Anderson cousins and in-laws present for the festivities.

 On Friday, August 4, about 42 cousins met for lunch at The Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg. Ernie Arnold (T) led in the saying of grace before a
delicious buffet lunch. After lunch, Lucille Adams (G) told everyone
about the maintenance of the Archelus Anderson Cemetery in Garrard
County. A week prior to the reunion, Lucille, along with James A.
Spurlin (T/J), Mark A Spurlin (T/J), Gordon McQuerry and Joe Brown mowed grass, cut weeds and raked this half-acre farm cemetery that the
Anderson family re-dedicated at the 1996 reunion. No small task, as
those who have been there know full well. The family is most grateful to
them for their hard work.

Ray and Mary Anderson (J) and daughter, Joy McDaniel, and her son David Paul, were first time attendees at the reunion. They came from
Ballinger, Texas. Ray was honored for his work in setting up the
Anderson Family tree website during the past year.

Ray has written a book about his west Texas branch of the John Anderson family. He presented a copy to the Garrard County Library and also gave one to the reunion committee to raffle on Saturday in order to raise funds for future family reunions and cemetery maintenance and
restoration. He was given a booklet of pictures of past reunions
beginning with the first one in 1987 as a small token of gratitude for
his research efforts.

On Saturday, August 5, the Anderson cousins met at the Lions Park
Community Center in Harrodsburg. As they entered they were greeted by Ardath Sanders (T) and Shirley Nixon (T) at the registration table.
Ardath and Shirley directed cousins to take their potluck offerings to
the kitchen where Isabelle and Bill Jencowski (G) did a Herculean job of
organizing the buffet tables for lunch. Cousins enjoyed this bountiful
lunch around noon time.

Before and after lunch, the family had time to examine the many photo
posters that covered the walls and the displays of family artifacts,
heirlooms and photo albums that had been brought by cousins who wanted to share the family history.

Martha Ann Anderson (G)  worked at a table which did a brisk business in selling notecards, reunion T-shirts, family cookbooks, and coffee mugs. Kate Newby (P) brought pillows to sell that she made herself. Enough money was raised by these sales and registration donations to fund the purchase of a memorial monument that will be placed at Drakes Creek Cemetery which the family plans to re-dedicate at the 2002 reunion. A quilt is planned for raffle at the next reunion. The individual quilt blocks will be completed by family members and assembled by Rita
Anderson Jackson (D). Martha Ann passed out quilt blocks at the sale
table, also.

Groups pictures were taken after lunch. One favorite picture was of the
oldest and youngest representatives of the descendants of the five
Anderson brothers. Thomas Anderson was represented by Jewel Anderson, age 90 and Ryan David Novotni, age 4 1/2 months; Garland's oldest present was Effie Mae Bond, age 76, and youngest was Tyler Marshall, age 7; Kate Newby, age 90, and Honoree Pouly, age 14 were Pouncy's representatives; John's oldest and youngest were Alice Richardson, age 64, and David Paul Anderson, age 5 months; Goebelene Singleton, age 75 and daughter, Sherry Dryden were there for David; and double descendants of Thomas and John were Luanna Moody, age 74 and Katie Fentress, age 3. 

Attendance awards were drawn from registration slips. Those who received coffee mugs with the Anderson Coat of Arms were: Brandon Dahl (G), Bill Detherage (P), Carrie Martin (G), Danny Sipple (P), Julia Katherine Adams (T), Marietta Himes (P), and Lois Considine (P).

The Anderson reunion is usually held every other year on the first
weekend in August. The next reunion in 2002 promises to be even better, if that is possible. In the planning stages is a Friday morning hayride to the Drakes Creek Cemetery re-dedication followed by lunch. The following day is the big reunion at Harrodsburg with some surprises in store for any cousins who decide to join the fun and celebration of
being Andersons.