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Declassified Khe Sanh Documents

Vietnam Airdrop History

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LBJ Library

The President Lyndon B. Johnson Library is the ultimate Vietnam research site for declassified government documents and Westmoreland Papers. The Library is located in Austin, Texas. You will have to travel to Austin. Contact the Library to set up your visit in advance.

The Vietnam

The Vietnam Center, also known as The Study Of The Vietnam Conflict, is located in Lubbock,Texas on the Texas Tech campus. The center houses many collections and is a excellent research site. The 109th Quartermaster Company (Air Delivery) archives are housed here. You will have to travel to Lubbock. Contact the center to set up your visit in advance.

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Khe Sanh

This site contains over 350 declassified documents related to Khe Sanh and TET68 arranged by date for easy research. These documents came from Walt Rostow's "Memos to the President" and Westmoreland Papers. All of these document *copies* came from LBJ Library and were then donated to The Vietnam Center after they were scanned. The full collection donated is over 4,000 documents and span from June 67 to June 68.

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Vietnam Magazine

Vietnam Magazine 1998, Cowles History Group, Inc., a division of Cowles Enthusiast Media.

To read a published story from Vietnam Magazine, "The Withdrawal From KHE SANH"; Click Here.

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Army Magazine

A monthly four-color magazine focusing on the activities and interests of the U.S. Army worldwide, ARMY serves a readership interested in issues of national security; past and present issues involving landpower; and future trends in the military arts and sciences. The magazine focuses on developing and presenting thought-provoking articles and analyses for a professionally-oriented audience.

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Airdrop History

Emergency Airdrops in Vietnam were often a last chance lifeline for isolated units. This site features US Army Quartermaster Corps Airborne "Rigger" units. The 109th Quartermaster Company (Air Delivery) at Cam Ranh Bay, and DaNang. The 383rd Quartermaster Detachment at Bien Hoa. The 549th Quartermaster Company which was Temporary Duty often in Vietnam operations. The 5th Special Forces riggers at Nha Trang(Not Quartermaster).

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Ft. Lee, Va.

Aerial Delivery & Quartermaster Riggers History Page. "I will be sure - always." Fort Lee, Virginia. Quartermaster Parachute Riggers Keeping the Airborne - Airborne!

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Khe Sanh
Combat Base

Jim Singer's Vietnam Photo Gallery
Jim Singer served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment (3/4) during 1968. These pictures were taken in the I Corps region of South Vietnam.

Khe Sanh Veterans Inc.

An Association for those who contributed to "Khe Sanh". Members include all branches of the service.

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Khe Sanh Photos

Here are a few more Khe Sanh photos from the past. Full captions will appear on the full size image

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Reflections, Memories, and Images of Vietnam Past
Contains many links including the database files by Tom Holloway, "Search The Wall".

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Helicopter Pilots
Association (VHPA)

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association(VHPA) is a non-profit war veterans organization filed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. It is dedicated to the fulfillment of the following purposes:

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