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Added 6-27-1999
William C. "Will" RIGSBY was a farmer in Goochland County, Virginia.

William married Susannah ADAMS on 22 FEB 1776. The marriage is recorded in the Douglas Register. Rev. William DOUGLAS who married William and Susannah kept a register of family events (births, marriages, deaths) in Goochland and Louisa Counties of Virginia. Susannah Adams was the daughter of George ADAMS who was born 1725 and died in 1814. George ADAMS was married to Aggie HARRIS who may have been Susannah's stepmother.

William and Susannah had the following children:

William (Billie) RIGSBY was born 24 June 1801 and on 24 JUN 1801 married Lucy ADAMS. They moved to Garrard County, Kentucky to live and raise their family. William is believed died in the 1860's.
Samuel RIGSBY married twice, first 28 DEC 1803 to Susanna MURRER and second to Ann THOMAS on 24 DEC 1805.
Susanna RIGSBY married 25 AUG 1810 to Meriwether J. THOMAS.

Added 6-27-1999
William "Billie" RIGSBY was born in Goochland CO Virginia 1781 and died in the 1860's. William "Billie" RIGSBY was the son of William C. "Will" RIGSBY and Susannah ADAMS.

Billie a farmer was married to Lucy ADAMS 24 JUN 1801 in Goochland CO Virginia by Rev. Richard POPE. Lucy was born 4 JUN 1778/79 and also died in the 1860's. After they were married they moved to Garrard CO Kentucky. Lucy ADAMS was the daughter of John ADAMS and Susannah "Suckey" PARRISH of Goochland or Louisa CO Virginia.

Billie and Lucy had the following children:

Martha RIGSBY born 1806 married a unknown ADAMS.
Susan RIGSBY born 1810 was born in KY.
William H. RIGSBY was born in 1815 in KY and died 10 April 1896 in Garrard CO KY. William married Margaret KENNEDY in 1824.
David RIGSBY was born 1824 in KY and marrid Polly KENNEDY in 1850.
Margaret RIGSBY married James B. JOHNSON 28 SEP 1831.
Robert RIGSBY married Lydia KIRKENDALL(sp) on 15 JUN 1826.

Added 7-10-1999, (Photo Album)
William (Billie) H. RIGSBY is one of 8 known children of William (Billie) RIGSBYand his wife Lucy ADAMS. He was born between 1815 to 1823 in Kentucky. William (Billie) H. RIGSBY earned a living by being a farmer. He died on 10 April 1896 and is buried in an old graveyard near the Spangler Farm located off the old Richmond Road.

On 1 Nov. 1847, William married Margaret KENNEDY in Garrard County, Kentucky. Margaret is one of 13 children of David (Wells) KENNEDY and his wife Margaret (Peggy) FAULKNER. Margaret KENNEDY RIGSBY was born in Garrard County, Kentucky on 20 Nov. 1826. Margaret KENNEDY RIGSBY died in 1880 in Garrard County, Kentucky

William and Margaret RIGSBY are the parents of 11 children:

Mary Elizabeth born 18 July 1848 in Ky. died 14 Feb 1929, married to Frederick Green SHAW in 1868.
Eliza Jane born 18 June 1850 in Ky. died 24 April 1924, married to Sidney Boon CONN on 14 March 1871.
Margaret Ann born 11 April 1851 in Ky. died 16 March 1922. married to Benjamin T. LUNSFORD on 10 June 1871.
Amelia Jane born 14 Nov. 1852 in Ky. died 28 July 1936, married to David Gordon ROSS, Jr. on 16 Oct. 1873.
John William born in 1854 in Kentucky. died in 1932 in Chesterfield, Macoupin County, Illinois. married to Anna Eliza CONN on 31 Jan 1877.
Harriet E. born 10 Dec. 1856 in Ky. died 28 Feb 1929, married to James Gentry HAWLEY on 22 Feb 1877.
Lucy Frances born 26 Feb. 1858 in Kentucky. died 1 June 1940 in Callahan Co., Texas. married to James Samuel ANDERSON on 30 Sept 1880.
David Joseph (Davy Joe) born 10 Sept 1860 in Ky. died 9 Jan 1935, married to Sallie LIKENS.
James Thomas, Sr. born 23 April 1863 in Preachersville, Lincoln Co., Ky. died 26 Aug. 1929 in Chesterfield, Macoupin County, Illinois, married 1st to Carrie C. ADAMS on 13 May 1880. Then James married 2nd to Annie Daisy SNIDLE in 1900.
Robert H. born in 1866 in Kentucky died 10 Jan 1946 in Chesterfield, Macoupin County, Illinois. married to Azzalee (Lee) MCQUEARY.
Andrew Samuel born in 1868 in Kentucky. died in 1928 in Illinois. Is buried near his brothers John, James, and Robert in the Gelder Cemetery in Chesterfield, Macoupin County, Illinois. married 1st to Janie LIKENS, married 2nd to Allie BARRON.

Added 2-12-2000
Robert RIGSBY born 1797 is the son of William RIGSBY and Lucy ADAMS.
Robert married Lydia KIRKENDOLL 15 JUN 1826 in Garrard CO KY. Robert & Lydia are in 1860 Rockcastle Co Census.

Children of Robert RIGSBY and Lydia KIRKENDOLL are:

James RIGSBY born 1829 married Sarah STARNS.
Mary Jane RIGSBY born 1832 married 7 AUG 1860 Greenberry SPOONAMORE.
Sarah Ann RIGSBY born1835.
Robert Thomas RIGSBY born 1838 married 11 APR 1859 to Elizabeth MURRAY.
Lydia RIGSBY born 1840.
Elvira RIGSBY born 1841.
Richard RIGSBY born 28 Aug 1846 died 1982 married Virgina Jane Murray, LEWIS.
Information furnished by: Barbara Holland lucky@infocom.com

Added 2-12-2000
James RIGSBY born 1829 son of Robert RIGSBY and Lydia KIRKENDOLL .
James RIGSBY married Sarah STARNS born 1866.

Children of James RIGSBY and Sarah STARNS are:
Mary Ann RIGSBY born 1848.
Elizabeth Jane RIGSBY born 1850.
Sarah E. RIGSBY believed married 29 APR 1885 to Henry PEARCE.
Lydia Margaret RIGSBY born 14 JAN 1858 married 13 April 1878 James PRUITT.
Lauretta Alice RIGSBY born 1862.
Nancy RIGSBY born 1864.
Martha Susan RIGSBY born 1867.
John R. RIGSBY born 1874.
Vital Statistic info: Lydia Margaret born 1-14 1858 daughter of James RIGSBY & Sarah STARNS.

Information furnished by: Barbara Holland lucky@infocom.com

Added 2-12-2000
Robert Thomas RIGSBY born 1838 son of Robert RIGSBY & Lydia KIRKENDOLL.
Robert married 11 APR 1859 Elizabeth Catherine MURRAY born 1837 daughter of Willam MURRAY & Louisa ________.

Robert Thomas RIGSBY and Elizabeth Catherine MURRAY children are:
Sarah Catherine RIGSBY born 1861 died 17 JAN 1929 buried Wm Hysinger Cem. married 10 July 1878 John M. LEAR 2nd George CAPPS.
William Robert RIGSBY born 1864 married 7 May 1885 Sarah Belle RAINWATER.
Thomas Riley RIGSBY born 1868 married 24 July 1889 Sarah E HURST.
Louisa RIGSBY born 1871 married 13 Jan 1887 Albert ROBERTS.
Lydia RIGSBY 1873.
Lucy RIGSBY born 23 NOV 1874.
Mary RIGSBY born 13 JAN 1878.
Tannie RIGSBY born 4 OCT 1880 died 18 FEB 1960 buried Oak Hill Cem Rockcastle Co KY. married Albert ROBERTS.
Information furnished by: Barbara Holland lucky@infocom.com


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