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YDNA Results Update

We are Scottish!
This is what we know to date about this lineage of Andesons from YDNA testing.

1. There have been 5 Anderson males who matched after being tested by Family Tree DNA "YDNA" tests. Two of these modern Andesons are now deceased and 3 are still living at last check.

2 Two American Anderson branches have closely matched which was not known before YDNA testing. They are David Anderson who married "Judith" and died in 1781. Lived in Louisa County VA.. Judith died in 1816 and
Rev Nathan Anderson who married Martha Puryear. Nathan died in 1821. A Methodist Minister.

3. It is not known how David and Rev Nathan are related. Cousins in some way. YDNA match a total surprise to both families. The relationship had been lost to history.

4. Country of origin is Scotland. These Andersons match the Scotland "Picts" or "Pictish" marker S695. Two members were positive S695 tested, one is a David Anderson d.1781 Louisa County VA descendant, and the other is a descendant of Rev Nathan Anderson d. 1821 and married Martha Puryear. Both tested positive for S695. The S695 marker confirmed through FTDNA, and ScotlandDNA.
ScotlandDNA designates S695 as "Picts Marker".

5. From the Scottish lineage my theory at this point is that David Anderson died 1781 father was 'Scot' Robert Anderson from Hanover County Virginia near Stone Horse Creek. Robert patiented land in 1720s near Stone Horse Creek with his brother Charles Anderson. 'Scot' Robert Anderson then patiented land on Owens Creek above Gum Springs in Louisa County VA. There are two Licking Hole Creeks in Louisa County Virginia. One in northern central Louisa County. The second is actually a branch of the Licking Hole Creek down in Goochland County Virginia that runs up into Louisa County just left of Owens Creek above Gum Springs Virginia. To find it you need a particular Civil War map of the area and it is misspelled "Lickn Hoe Creek" When you follow this branch down you see it is actually part of the Licking Hole Creek in Goochland County Virginia. This is the Licking Hole Branch described in the deed from 'Scot' Robert Anderson to our David Anderson died 1781. This is a important point when doing research.

6. In Hanover County and Louisa County Virginia the English Andersons are well documented. The Scottish Andersons are poorly documented. This may be from Hanover being a "Burn County" from the Civil War or may be the result that the Scots did not have any love for the English. Also records were kept by the Church of England Parrishes and there is some evidence to believe that our Andersons came to the Colonies and they were Presbyterian. Meeting houses were primarily Church of England and the Presbyterian and other denominations had to seek special permission to have meeting houses. These Anersons were in the area of meeting houses established by Rev Samuel Davies who established a strong Presbyterian following in this area. Back in Scotland the Presbyterian faith was very strong. Robert Anderson (a Scott) was said to have established the Presbyterian in the Stone Horse Creek area by importing the Rev Samuel Davies. Probably 'Scot' Robert Anderson. 'Scot' was probably not a nick name but his being a Scot. He was refereed to as 'Scot' Robert Anderson in some documents. Sometimes signing his name RA.

YDNA has gave us our only evidence that we are a Scottish family. Many references are on the Internet tying us to the English Andersons from Richard Anderson early 1600. These were someone's best guessiments and should be taken carefully. We have not matched Andersons who are said to be documented defendants to Richard Andersons from the early 1600s. I wish Carol and her mother Hazel could have lived to share this information with. Carol had already passed but I did get to share the YDNA knowledge that David and Rev Nathan were somehow related with Hazel before she passed.

Signed:         Raymond P. Anderson

Techinal Information of the YDNA tests.

For ALL of the YDNA MARKERS dynamically Updated for the five matching Andersons click here:
Then scroll down to Anderson Group X

Up to date as of 11-16-2017:

Kit #

Nathan Anderson b.1745 Eyton HEF, m.Martha Perrier.
Nathan Anderson, b 1745 and d 1821
Nathan Anderson b.1745 , m.Martha Perrier
David Anderson, died 1781 Louisa Co, VA m. Judith
David Anderson, died 1781 Louisa Co, VA m. Judith
Private - deceased
Private Living
Richard J Anderson deceased
Raymond P; Andeson Living
Francis D. Anderson Living
37 markers
111 markers
37 markers
111 markers
67 markers

Note: Kit #s 308026 and 86095 both tested positive for R-S695. Kit # 86095 Did the Big Y test so he surpassed S695 to R-A8146.
All of these Andersons would test positive for S695 if they had been tested for S695.
The Cut Off SNP for this lineage is R-A8146 at this time. (if they were tested)


Carol A. Novotni
1942 - 2007

Carol A. Novotni made a gift of her life to all who knew her. Carol and her mother Hazel Novotni are the main researchers of the information you will find on this Anderson Family Records website. Carol and her mother spent numerous hours visiting older surviving Anderson aunts, uncles and cousins in the early days of research. They moved on to spending numerous hours in the county court houses of Kentucky and Virginia to accumulate documents to document their Anderson family lineage. Carol and her mother Hazel lovingly and unselfishly shared their many hours of research and knowledge with all their Anderson cousins.

Carol lost her battle with bad health and cancer and peacefully passed March 20, 2007. Carol was this family's most loved cousin and she will be greatly missed by all her Anderson cousins.


Anderson Wagon Train Photo
Now documented, 1887 is when
Anderson, Adams, McQuerry,
and Rigsby left Garrard County
Kentucky for Abilene Texass.

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     Country of Origin:       Scotland,
Early 1700s to:      Louisa County Virginia,
About 1800-1810 traveled to:
Garrard County Kentucky & Lincoln County Kentucky

Last Updated 11-16-2017